1. The way of history and deficiency in that department:

History portrays the occasions of the past as per how the individual, or the essayist, or the writer depicts it and pay heed to everything about the occasions, time and noteworthiness.

As an understudy, I am obliged to learn about history subjects and the way I review the occasions of the past as per what I read, I could state that what was composed or described are the huge occasions, time, people, or gatherings, which made an incredible and huge commitment to our nation, associations, or as a man whether great or terrible.

Moreover, I trust that one nature of history is it gives us information, learning, edification in the past yet we can’t guarantee that what are composed in the past are really the genuine happenings, genuine individuals, genuine society and genuine they live. My teacher let us know once that this individuals in the past considered occasions through signs and inferred that something great or terrible will happen due to the sign that they saw. Give me a chance to take storm for instance. In the event that this individuals in the past observed sign/signs case in paradise that they believe was not the same as a characteristic one, they will infer that something either great or terrible will happen. Despite the fact that they are not certain that there is a tropical storm that is going on, they will think of it as that it truly happens on the grounds that they saw sign/signs without encountering the hurricane. Along these lines, this hurricane that they said that happens is composed in the historical backdrop of the past in light of the fact that that is the thing that they accept. Be that as it may, we can’t generally depend all things previously.

2. The example of history and the deficiency in that department

On occasion, I read the historical backdrop of the Catholic Church (since I am dynamic in the Church); I saw that there were occasions that appeared as though being rehashed for example, mistreatment. Mistreatment not simply happened once, but rather commonly. Example of happenings, occasions and conditions some of the time in comparative structures are natural. There was a period that the Church was in prominent for a more drawn out time. For me, this is a case of the example of history.

History is an example in conveying accomplishment to every last one of us on the off chance that we will bring past occasions with a receptive outlook. History however is a decent example to the present all together not to commit an indistinguishable error or missteps from previously. Beside the oversights in the past which we can think about as a reflect or reason for the present in getting improvement, there are likewise numerous great things that happened before that we can consider worth impersonating for it will help us and lead us to a superior society, individual, and country. I emphatically trust that, through the missteps that are being made in the past we rouse not to do likewise and make a decent one.

3. The main impetus of recorded occasions and easygoing

People, dreams, desire, inspirations are a few cases of the main thrust of recorded occasions and setback. Give us a chance to express an illustration like the main impetus of the war in my territory called Lanao Del Norte.

The Moro individuals as of now told the Philippine government/pioneers about their fantasies. Their fantasy is to separate Mindanao from Philippines. In those days, Mindanao before the Spaniards came, effectively accomplished a more noteworthy accomplishment in their general public. It was said that Visayas and Luzon are as of now vanquished and impacted by the Spaniards while Mindanao was not overcome by the Spaniards since they battled for their domain. After numerous years, there are as of now numerous pilgrims from Luzon and Visayas. I think the fundamental reason of the war in Mindanao particularly in Lanao Del Norte is that Moro individuals needed the Christians to leave the said put.

4. History and its connection to the past

It is identified with the past since there will never be called history without it. What the history describes are the past occasions that are critical worth keeping and recalling. Like the EDSA Revolution which is one of the value keeping and worth recalling occasions in the Philippine constitution for this occasion is exceptionally vital and significant to the lives of the Filipino individuals wherein, a huge number of Filipinos are assembled in the EDSA bringing the one reason, to acquire opportunity from the despot Ferdinand Marcos. This thought of readiness to pick up opportunity from the despot has a similar thought on the season of our Philippine legend Jose P. Rizal that he composed books to illuminated Filipinos to what truly the happenings in their general public. Through it, Filipinos are motivated to battle for treacheries.

5. The utilization of history in connection to time.

History advances through time since what we inhabit present may turn out to be a piece of a specific history. Be that as it may, we can never show signs of change the past and what’s in that. History is identified with time in a way that each occasion is contained with time and in time. Everything that is composed in past occasion will dependably be bound by time. To total up history happens inside particular time. Time history is entwined, it can’t be isolated.

6. The utilization of history in connection to life

There are many composed occasions or encounters previously that leaves a mark on the world conceivable. Unquestionably, each one of those past occasions have a major effect in connection to life. Our past occasions are either great or awful. In my perspective, I like to review and remember the terrible and agonizing happenings in the past which I considered as helpful and critical as far as its connection to my life in the present. I don’t trust that the past difficult occasions in life can prompt to a man’s hopeless life in the present or later on. In any case, I completely trusted that those agonizing encounters can lead him/her to improve as a man later on, as an expression goes, “experience is the best instructor”. Flawlessness is neither achievable nor pertinent in our reality since we can’t deny the way that this world is a blemished one. This thought of defect is to some degree like Karl Marx thought on socialism which signifies “a flawless society”. Henceforth, in a similar sense, this thought is neither feasible nor material. It is on account of as specified above, we are living in this flawed world, accordingly, it is infer that there is no such thing as great. In fact, each individual had encountered a few troubles throughout his life. Unquestionably, those past difficult occasions or encounters of each individual can be classified into two, contingent upon a man’s abilities and abilities to defeat things. These classifications are either an accommodating device to progression or an unsafe apparatus to disappointment.

Writing by Roberto Santiago